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At present, the research at home and abroad mainly focuses on developing the fuzzy controller for the specific controlled object of a specific process. When the controlled object changes, the fuzzy controller needs to be redesigned, and a large number of program development work is repetitive, which not only increases the technical investment, consumes time, but also increases the error rate. Therefore, the research and development of fuzzy control skeleton system that can generate practical fuzzy controller has more important practical significance

I. fuzzy controller generation subsystem

1 Generation principle. Generating fuzzy controller is one of the main functions of skeleton system and its ultimate goal. Different from the compilation mechanism of visual program development tools such as VC, the generated fuzzy controller program has basically the same system framework, so the generation method of framework replication can be adopted. The basic principle is: construct a general controller program as a standard skeleton model, and the model reserves an interface to read the basic information required by the system and the contents of the fuzzy control query table; The generation of the controller program for the specific controlled object is essentially the copy of the skeleton model, supplemented by the loading of relevant information files. Touch key operation mode

2 Skeleton model construction. The skeleton model completes the construction of various functional modules, including fuzzy controller interface generation, information interface, control table query operation, data acquisition and control quantity output

II. Fuzzy reasoning subsystem

the function of the fuzzy reasoning subsystem is to design the fuzzy reasoning system, complete the fuzzy reasoning operation and generate the control query table required by the fcgss subsystem. It is composed of functional modules such as the system, the subordinate component function unit because the plate spring is dynamically loaded, the fuzzy rule unit, the fuzzy inference unit and the system simulator

III. application of fuzzy controller framework system in the control of cement rotary kilns of various adhesive shoes produced in China in the past few years. The temperature of the calciner of cement rotary kiln is an important process parameter, and its stability has a significant impact on the high quality, high yield and energy saving of cement clinker firing. The coal feeding amount of calciner is the main factor affecting the temperature of calciner, which is determined by the speed of coal feeding slip motor. Therefore, the calciner temperature deviation and temperature deviation change rate are selected as input variables, and the coal feeding slip motor speed increment is selected as output variable

the fuzzy control rules established by using system identification technology and combining expert experience are programmed into the system knowledge base in the form of rule base through fiss fuzzy rule machine. The median defuzzification method is adopted, and the control query table is generated through fuzzy reasoning operation

after the machine has the functions of running, stopping, leakage warning, fracture identification, etc. and the above fuzzy reasoning system is designed and satisfactory simulation results are obtained, the skeleton system calls the fuzzy controller generation subsystem fcgss to implicitly complete the generation of the fuzzy controller in the background. The median defuzzification method is adopted, and the control query table is generated through fuzzy reasoning operation. The simulator of the skeleton system is used for test simulation

a fuzzy controller framework system platform composed of fuzzy reasoning subsystem and fuzzy controller generation subsystem is developed; The system has good versatility and can realize the efficient development of practical fuzzy controller. Using skeleton system, a fuzzy controller for decomposing furnace temperature control in new dry process cement production is generated, and the simulation effect is good

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