Development of linear motor and drive control tech

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The development of linear motor and drive control technology

linear motor is similar to ordinary motor in principle. It is only the expansion of motor cylindrical surface, and its type is the same as that of traditional motor, such as DC linear motor, AC permanent magnet synchronous linear motor, AC induction asynchronous linear motor, stepping linear motor, etc

as a linear servo motor with controllable motion accuracy, after its emergence in the late 1980s, with the development of materials (such as permanent magnet materials), power devices, control technology and sensing technology, the performance of linear servo motor has been continuously improved, and the cost has been declining, creating conditions for its wide application

in recent years, the progress of linear motor and its drive control technology is shown in the following aspects: (1) with the continuous improvement of performance, it is necessary to choose special mixing conditions and high polymerization conditions (such as thrust, speed, acceleration, resolution, etc.); (2) The volume decreases and the temperature rise decreases; (3) Wide variety coverage, which can meet the requirements of different types of machine tools; (4) The cost has decreased significantly; (5) Easy installation and protection; (6) Good reliability; (7) The supporting technology including CNC system is becoming more and more perfect; (8) High degree of commercialization

quality inspection and evaluation standard for light partition slats dbj01 ⑵ 9 ⑵ 000 at present, the world's famous suppliers of linear servo motors and their drive systems are mainly Siemens and indramat; Fanuc of Japan, Mitsubishi Corporation; Anorad, Coleman, USA; Swiss Etel company, etc

technical indicators of representative linear motor products:

fanucl17000c3/2is; Maximum thrust 17000n; Continuous thrust 3400n (natural cooling)/4080n (air cooling)/6800 (water cooling); The maximum speed is 240m/min (4m/s); The maximum acceleration is 30g; The resolution is 0.01 (1) M

siemens 1fn3: maximum thrust 20700n; Continuous thrust 8100n (water cooling); The maximum speed is 253m/min

in terms of control system, Siemens, FANUC and other system suppliers can provide control software and interfaces corresponding to the motor control of the factory line only after the products have obtained the certificate. Since linear motors are widely used in machine tools in Europe, Siemens systems (such as 8l0d, 840D) are used most

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