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Progress of flexible packaging container easy to open technology

consumers hope that the packaging is easy to open and easy to use. Perforation at the opening of the packaging bag to form a tear line is a solution, but sometimes the strength of the material will be reduced too much anti rust treatment, resulting in premature opening during transportation or retail

one of the common forms of tear tape products is narrow stretch film such as polypropylene PP. Some film tear strips also have stiffeners, which can provide enough tear force even if there are notch defects at the edge of the tear strip. The traditional tear tape is located at the opening of the package (such as cigarette packs), and an open position is marked on the package. The package is torn apart along the tear tape, which is common in corrugated boxes, cartons, and some film bags

most narrow width tear tapes are used in the form of coiled materials in production, and a roll of tear tape has several thousand meters

the traditional narrow tear tape can be used on some thin film packaging materials such as cellophane and BOPP, but there will be some problems in tearing some tough or stretchable films such as LDPE, LLDPE or their composite films. At this time, if you use a knife or scissors, you may cut the contents. If the tear line is formed through punching, the strength of the packaging bag will be greatly weakened, especially for bulky goods such as packaging clothing

I. new progress

the recent development is to use a wider tear tape with stiffeners on the inner surface of tough packaging film. A die cutting mark indicates 3. When the elongation after fracture (a) is measured, the tear opening is pulled out, and the reinforcing rib controls the tear direction (as shown in Figure 3). Because the stiffener prevents the excessive stretching of the tough film during tearing, it is easy to control and easier to open

this internal tearing feature makes it easy to open the tough shrink film packaging that was not easy to open before, and the use of this tearing tape will not reduce the strength of the packaging film like opening the tear hole

a few packaging films are particularly tough, and two layers of tear tape may be required for easy opening. The following example is the use of ribbed tear tape on the inner surface and film covering tape such as BOPP on the outer surface

II. Use of new opening technology

1. Poly mailer

this kind of easy to open plastic parcel has a ribbed tear strap placed inside the fold tongue

this kind of package can also be reused. There are two pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and a 12mm wide reinforcing rib tear strap at the scribed line, which are located on the inner surface of the fold tongue. Traditional narrow tear tapes usually do not work on tough films

2. Easy to open shrink wrap

tear tape with stiffeners can also be used for shrink wrap (as shown in Figure 7). For example, books can be shrink wrapped with corrugated paper pads. Previously, consumers found it difficult to open without tools, but opening tools may also damage the contents. The internal tear characteristics of the tear pull tape of the stiffener make the tough film easy to open, so that the strength of the film will not be damaged

3. Easy to open handle multi piece product packaging

this easy to open structure can also be used on multi piece packaging of beverage bottles or cans. The same belt can not only be used as an easy opening device, but also as a handle for packaging. Because the other two production lines are planned to be put into use in the middle of 2019, the storage and handling methods are simplified, and the cost is also reduced

tear the drawstring and put it into the shrink film. After shrinking by heating, die cut the handle groove and the initial pull ring

the package provides the following four functions:

① before shrink packaging, place a 24mm wide rib tear strap in the shrink film, and die cut the top film to form a handle. The rib tear pull strap provides a high-strength handle, which helps consumers carry multiple packages

② the second function of the mine tear pull strap handle is that it is easy to open the shrink package, and there can be many positions of the opening ring

③ even if a bottle/can is removed after the tear strap handle is opened, the opened beverage package can still be carried

④ consumers can put empty bottles back in shrink wrap and take them to the recycle bin

with the progress of these easy opening technologies, the problem of opening the tough and tear resistant film has been solved, providing consumers with greater convenience

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