How should the hottest paint enterprises tear off

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How should paint enterprises tear away the "black label" that is not environmentally friendly

how should coating enterprises tear away the "black label" that is not environmentally friendly

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[China paint information] Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about the environmental protection performance of paint products, and furniture and home decoration formaldehyde exceeding the standard undoubtedly shakes the confidence of consumers. Environmental friendly coatings are not environmental friendly, and the coating industry has been labeled with a "black label". Then, how should coating enterprises that make products conscientiously change their innocence

improve their cognitive ability

in the market, there are many environmental protection signs for paint products. The levels of E0, E1, E2 specified in the national standard are not clearly marked on many products and packages, and some businesses and consumers have vague concepts of E1 and E0. In view of this situation, coating enterprises must be aware of their own shortcomings. Only by improving their cognitive ability, learning modestly and arming themselves with the most advanced knowledge, can they restore the image of enterprises in the hearts of consumers

strengthen product technology innovation

of course, it is not enough to rely on the update of packaging environmental protection signs alone, but more importantly, the production of enterprises' own products. As technological innovation is the core and foundation of the innovation of coating enterprises, only by truly achieving technological innovation can coating enterprises be qualified to do the next work, so that consumers can fundamentally trust themselves

improve the environmental protection performance of products

with the popularity of the concept of green environmental protection, sustainability has become the typical utilization and brand of fajinfa technology pp-lgf in the automotive field pursued by all enterprises, as shown in Table 7. In order to really win the hearts of consumers, coating enterprises have their own tricks. It is increasingly important to improve production technology and strengthen environmental protection performance. It seems that it is necessary for coating enterprises to meet the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards if they want to not lag behind other enterprises, grasp the throat of fashion trends all the time, sharpen their own sharp edge of environmental protection road, and produce products that are both in line with fashion purposes and environmental protection and health

of course, the road of environmental protection is not temporary. The only way for coating enterprises to clear their suspicions is to adhere to the implementation of environmental protection related work into actual development for a long time, and face consumers with always healthy and environmentally friendly products

if coating enterprises want to clear the suspicion that environmental friendly coatings are not environmental friendly and want consumers to trust themselves, they must start from selecting raw materials to achieve green environmental protection. In this way, they must adhere to environmental protection step by step and implement the concept of environmental protection to the end, so as to return their innocence

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