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Editor's note: we are in an era of rapid change, and change is also a problem we have to face. For printing enterprises, how to make good use of these changes and promote the sustainable development of enterprises is indeed a problem that needs serious consideration. Now, let's walk into how printing enterprises should cope with the unpredictable market and see what we should do

we humans seem to have an innate resistance to change. But change is actually a change, and it is also an indispensable part of everyone's life and the development process of every enterprise. Nevertheless, what makes change seem abnormal is the large amount of time we waste in preventing change from happening and the psychology of doing everything possible to make our company avoid change

I have visited many textile printing factories, which are very similar to the first silk printing factory I opened in more than 20 years. On the one hand, I am glad that the printing factory has been adhering to the original business philosophy for so many years, but the road to long-term success must be full of twists and turns, changes, dead ends and crossroads. Therefore, the printing enterprise must respond to and adjust to these obstacles in front of it, and it will emit a bad smell when heated, so as to enable the enterprise to obtain opportunities for survival and development

when the enterprise comes to the crossroads of development, as the owners and managers of the enterprise, we must find the road signs and plans to deal with the changes ahead. Otherwise, there is a risk that the enterprise will hit the guardrail or be left behind by the train of the times

change and technology

the United States holds various trade fairs, large and small, every year. At that time, many new technologies will be introduced through the exhibition. Each of us should study these new technologies to determine how these new technologies affect our enterprises and needs. We should always remember that many new technologies are not suitable for our own enterprises. For example, if a printing plant prints mostly short editions, it does not need to buy a printing machine with a speed of 700 prints/hour. If a factory only uses 100 silk screen templates per day, it is a little overqualified to buy equipment that can produce 1000 silk screen templates per day. Although we can boast to our printing peers how good the new technology we choose is, this technology must be the kind that can be developed to its full potential

the key to keeping up with technological changes is to determine whether a new technology or new progress can have a positive impact on our production capacity and profits. In other words, we need to determine whether this new technology can match the development direction of the enterprise

change and management

why does every production site and even every employee regard making trouble for the new leader as their only mission. When we make adjustments to managers, whether we hire new employees from outside or promote them from internal employees, some people will look at new leaders according to their preferences or have prejudice against new leaders. This is mainly because some employees feel that they should be promoted, or these employees are loyal to their previous leaders and are unwilling to obey the commands of the new leaders

if the selection process of managers can be transparent and people can understand the qualifications, background and previous contributions of new managers to the company, such changes will be successful. The company should send a message to employees that the boss and senior managers of the company are full of trust and confidence in the new leaders, and the new leaders have completed their assigned work

managers themselves may feel that they can't keep up with the development of new technologies, so they tend to choose old equipment and methods. Bosses and senior managers of enterprises should encourage middle-level managers and supervisors to explore more possibilities and innovative products. They must know that their value is not only reflected in their existing knowledge and skills, but also in their ability to constantly put forward new ideas. We hope that managers should not only teach their employees what they know, but also constantly learn and use new technologies

change and employees

when we adjust or increase the number of employees, will other employees support or hinder our work? I have experience as a newcomer. I know all the copywriting work that new employees need to do and how difficult it is for them to work. New employees may be forced to wait outside the old employees' offices for a long time, or be told to finish all the paperwork after returning

I broke the experiment and completed different experiments. My own analysis is this: such old employees regard their positions as the performance of power. Most of them have the mentality of "letting these people know who is in charge here". Unfortunately, this will make new employees doubt their true value to the company

this is a difficult problem to solve, because many people are old employees who have worked for the company for many years. If someone questioned their working methods and attitudes, they would say, "I always regard this place as a big family." The implication is: "with the development of the company, the people you hire have changed my life. I don't know whether there is still room for myself." These people view change from their own perspective

change and process

many years ago, I was working in a printing factory. At that time, I would ask every employee who came to work on the first day to listen to such a speech: "we do everything with our own reason. The soil hardening and water eutrophication caused by excessive use of fertilizer are serious." I agree with this view very much. But the next thing this speech says is, "please don't try to tell us how different your way of doing things is."

please allow me to say that I am a person who has really experienced this process. And frankly, I don't like what new employees say on the first day of work: "you know, we will do this job differently from other jobs." However, please believe that our factory has found a production mode that is also the only one in the Sweatshirt manufacturing industry. If you are indifferent to the new changes, you will lose a lot of development opportunities for the enterprise

the development process of no industry is unchanging. The effective way used yesterday may not be suitable for tomorrow's work

change and market

my first job in the field of silk printing was to manage the production of a company that only provided services to the Greek market. I don't want to talk about what products the company has printed for mutual aid associations and women's federations. I just want to suggest that you aim at the opportunity market, which is also common in our industry, but we need to work hard to explore

the leader of this company has worked in this unchanging silk printing market for nearly 20 years. In fact, it is one of the only two legal companies in the Greek market. This situation remained until about 10 years ago

after two years, the market suddenly changed significantly. Local printing houses pointed out that they could compete with large national printing houses and began to strive for greater market share. The company I work for chose to stay in the original market and compete fiercely with other emerging competitors. The market is constantly developing and changing, but our company has not reassessed the market and changed its way of doing business as I suggested earlier. Therefore, after 20 years of profits and glory, the company suddenly withdrew from the market as a loser

look at change correctly

I recently interviewed the boss of a printing company who recently launched the modular strategy of Haier Group. This company has successfully operated in the same place for 45 years and has not been affected by today's unpredictable market. Our conversation revolved around a new product recently launched by the company. Although his company has been operating in the same place for 45 years, it is still constantly releasing new products, developing new technologies and utilizing new scientific and technological achievements. The boss of this company deeply understands such a truth: change is the key to the survival and success of enterprises

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