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How should intelligent central control products leverage the terminal blue ocean market

with the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's living standards, and the wave after wave real estate boom, China's smart home industry has achieved rapid development and increasingly penetrated into the lives of ordinary people. A new generation of smart home has ignited an active life with infinite vitality and passion. At the same time, the central control system of the soul of smart home is gradually approaching the realization of people. Why can home be so smart

the central control system is the soul of smart home, which also provides a reasonably priced cooling system. It is an indispensable control center in the smart home system. Its existence makes the home in the home have ideas. But at present, it is a very useful attempt. Most of the central control systems in the family mainly focus on lighting, curtains, etc., but they only solve some of the needs of the owners. For example, central air conditioning, geothermal, AV audio and video, etc. cannot be involved. In this case, the intelligent central control products that undertake the nerve center functions of all devices in some overall conference systems are introduced into home applications. It realizes operation through simple and easy-to-use interface touch screen, and truly realizes the control of indoor power consumption and AV equipment. Imagine how comfortable it is for the owner to control lights, curtains, air conditioners, televisions, home cinemas and other equipment through a wireless touch screen while lying on the sofa

as we all know, industrial control system is very convenient to apply to home from the perspective of function, but due to the personalized needs of home users, some functions and even software settings need to be improved. The key to the decisive battle in the market is how to follow up according to the needs of users and achieve different results when choosing packaging materials. Here, the author believes that there are two aspects worth advancing

first of all, many industrial control systems are solidified products. Although it is technically convenient to apply to home, they still have limitations in function and defects in appearance; For the integrators who implement household engineering, they also put forward higher technical requirements. All these restrict the promotion of industrial control system in the household industry. Home systems have strong personalized needs. While improving the humanized functions of their products, manufacturers open interfaces and protocols for integration with the central control system, which is an inevitable trend. Only in this way can users enjoy a complete smart home system

secondly, industrial products are converted to civilian use to avoid severe vibration and affect the accuracy of the experimental machine. The biggest problem encountered is that the product shape is rigid and the software setting is solidified; In the actual case operation, I really feel that the improvement of products is crucial to the development of enterprises. The touch screen is the interface of the central control for users, and it will be the focus of improvement in the future. In appearance, it will be more fashionable and compact; The interface will be simpler and easier to use; In terms of software, it will give users more customization space

looking at the development of central control system, foreign countries are relatively mature in this regard. In developed countries such as the United States, due to the large living area, there are naturally more equipment to be managed, so the concept of intelligent central control is easier to be popularized, but in China, at present, the real use of intelligent central control is still mostly large luxury houses. In the long run, with the decline in the cost of intelligent products and the improvement of people's awareness, it will not take long for intelligent central control to enter ordinary people's homes. At that time, intelligent central control products will enter a stage of rapid development

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