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How should Microsoft, Google and Amazon choose cloud platforms? The cloud computing war between Microsoft, Google and Amazon is heating up. These three cloud computing service providers are doing their best to attract large enterprise customers who can bring huge revenue. From a technical point of view, the three cloud computing platforms are basically the same, and provide a similar publicity tone. For this reason, it is difficult for enterprises to make choices only from the technical specifications of each platform

James waters, general manager and vice president of pivot, a cloud computing and big data application company, said that this is why customers choose cloud platforms based on their own business logic rather than technology. Pivot is a joint venture between Dell and EMC. It is also a partner of Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Waters said: This is like the rorschachtest, an experiment that analyzes personality based on responses to ink stains. You can tell customers their business priorities based on their likes and dislikes of specific cloud platforms

For example, Joshua mckenty, chief technology officer of pivot, said that Amazon is entering the shipping and logistics fields, and many customers in these two fields are fleeing Amazon Web services, the Amazon cloud platform. In the same way, car companies are also reluctant to use Google cloud platform and choose Amazon cloud service, because the former is developing driverless cars

pivot is in a unique position in the cloud computing war between Microsoft, Google and Amazon: it has established formal technical partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft and Google to support its popular pivot cloud foundry software. Pivotal cloud foundry is being used by companies such as home depot and Mercedes Benz to help develop software at a faster speed

this means that pivot participates in a large number of customer discussions and can help customers decide which cloud platform to choose. This gives pivot key insight into what criteria customers are choosing cloud platforms. Mckendy said, for example, among Fortune 500 companies, pivot has 100 joint businesses with Microsoft cloud service azure. He said that this is far more than other cloud service providers. The advantage of Microsoft is that it has established a strong relationship with the enterprise

McCarty said that when buying windows or office licenses, Microsoft customers often buy azure services, sometimes even without realizing it. Given Microsoft's existing reputation, these customers have no reason to seek other services, and often choose azure services by default

in waters' view, the main advantage of Amazon is that as a leading force in the industry, Amazon can provide customers with innovative services that are first introduced to the market. At the same time, Google provides the purest large-scale infrastructure support. The search rotation radius is 4mm During the experiment, the giant invested heavily in the field of cloud computing, which has seriously restricted the implementation of new energy vehicles, meaning that it knows how to provide customers with more advanced and stable options for operating its applications

McCarty is a Google fan. Google recently said it was ready to target large enterprise customers. Under the leadership of Diane Greene, head of Google's cloud platform, Google is entering the enterprise sector. I think it's true that Google only needs a little time to change its culture, mckendy said

waters said that the value of pivotal cloud foundry is increasing rapidly because it supports the development of applications using Java, the programming language preferred by most enterprises. This means that programmers can work with Google, Amazon or Microsoft cloud computing without having to relearn any new skills

waters warns that it is easier to switch from one cloud platform to another, which also has positive side effects. Reinstalling pivot on your new cloud platform can improve scientific and technological innovation and industrial progress. Cloud foundry, reinstalling Java applications and restarting, you can support and run the new cloud platform. McCarty said that this is a valuable escape, which can prevent Amazon from conquering new industries or your business logic from changing

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