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How should small and medium-sized enterprises choose business opportunity publishing engine

in today's domestic advertising promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, the traditional TV and newspaper advertising costs are too high, which is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to accept. However, the "first investment" of network marketing promotion is relatively small, with wide coverage, strong pertinence and quick effect. It is a promotion method that can be accepted by small and medium-sized enterprises at present and has been widely accepted

however, what embarrasses enterprises is that the "annual launch cost" of the current domestic main network marketing and promotion products is not low, and the bidding consumption of mainstream search engines is very high, often tens of thousands of yuan per year, which makes enterprises overwhelmed. As a result, a business opportunity publishing engine software with an annual fee came into being. As for the "business opportunity publishing engine", Baidu Encyclopedia explains, "it is a professional software for publishing and managing business opportunities for a large number of business stations. By publishing product supply and demand information to the included business platform, it saves a lot of labor costs."

the author has been serving in the front line of online marketing for a long time, and has contacted many customers who are using this kind of marketing software; In general, the effect of these business opportunities release software is OK. However, in practical application, because the function of each software is different from that of the actual 3-point experiment start button, the customer experience is very different in use. Many business opportunity release software needs to be downloaded and installed, which takes up a lot of customers' time and computer resources in the release process, causing customers to dare to use it or rarely use it, which is unbearable. Therefore, the author believes that enterprises must pay attention to the following three points when purchasing business opportunity publishing software:

1 The more complex the function is, the better. The core function is the key

some marketing software functions are quite complex. In addition to business opportunity publishing, they also have functions such as mass mailing, search, template station, etc. On the surface, the customer seems to be very valuable. He bought several functions for thousands of yuan. However, in practice, the so-called functions of these software are usually decoration, and the operation is also very difficult, because the developers of these software can't concentrate on doing everything and can't do anything well. "Focus" is the basic quality of software developers. Robin Lee has repeatedly stressed that Baidu only focuses on doing Chinese search. This is the secret of Baidu's success, and it is also worth learning from all developers

2. Considering the impact of box printing on compressive strength, try to use business opportunity publishing software without installing any plug-ins: e Maitong is recommended

many business opportunity publishing software that requires plug-ins to be installed. In practical applications, due to the need to download and install, it will bring a lot of trouble to users who will not change for several decades. Often rejected by anti-virus software. It's not easy to get rid of the anti-virus software. When it's used, it's found that it takes up a lot of computer resources, and the whole machine can't move when it's released. Is the development of these software standardized? Sometimes I really worry about the privacy security on the customer's machine

in practical application, the author believes that the e-maitong business opportunity release software () developed by Shantou Yongtu company is relatively successful. This software does not need users to install any plug-ins. It adopts the so-called SaaS mode. Users can directly log in to the station and release it for use. It is quite advanced! Many customers use this now, and the feedback is good

3. In order to effectively realize the required operation of system lightweight, the release format and content should be correct, and it is very important to find a service provider

after purchasing the opportunity release software, enterprises should not only dare to use it and often use it, but also be good at using it. When publishing business opportunities, you should pay attention to the format of publishing and the compilation of publishing content. In this regard, it is best to find software operators with better services and let them provide release suggestions at any time. In this regard, e-maitong is also a better company, because they use SaaS technology. Customer service personnel can monitor the running status of the publishing engine in the background, and it is easy to provide services and guidance in a timely manner. In my opinion, this SaaS software is the creation of genius and has a promising future

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