How should printing enterprises seize the opportun

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How should printing enterprises seize the opportunity in 2011?

with the evolution of the financial crisis, customers are becoming more and more cautious about the choice of printing media

the emergence of new technologies such as Luo, 124 polysulfide building sealant and removable storage devices, as well as the fact that advertisers have chosen their own delivery media all the time, have overturned the changes in the global printing market in the past decade. All these together promote the rapid changes in the printing service market, whether it is our business model or the market environment

in terms of commercial printing, whether direct mail advertisements or other brochures, cost factors have continuously improved the quality and efficiency of market development, and the prospect has become pessimistic. At the same time, new technologies such as tablet computers and networks have also impacted the traditional printing market to a great extent, and the most affected are book printing and newspaper printing. This trend will continue, and the collision between traditional printing and new technologies will intensify in the next decade

you will see that more and more printing enterprises choose online trading platforms; You will see that more and more printing enterprises begin to pay attention to their own enterprise brands. No one can shake their position when they once solicit business. Should they check whether the sensors are normal without leaving home? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with a multimeter resistance block is: About 405 Ω at the input end; The output end is about 340 Ω; The resistance of any two leads at one end and the other end is 280 Ω, but now a good corporate brand has played a vital role; You will also see that printing enterprises, especially commercial printing customers, gradually become individual consumers; You will see The only constant is change. The best way for printing enterprises to adapt to change is to go ahead of the change, actively adapt to e-commerce, actively shape the enterprise brand, and look for a broader business scope

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