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How should consumers distinguish the wear resistance of the floor

because they will be trampled frequently at ordinary times, and sometimes suffer "hardships" such as bumping and scratching. Relying on this material technology, the wear resistance of the "a-cover" shell of the new generation of notebook computers has always been the focus of consumers. The wear resistance of laminate flooring is very different from that of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. Flooring manufacturers also sell wear resistance one after another. How should consumers distinguish and choose? Now let's invite experts to help you

laminate floor: high wear resistance but lack of texture

high wear resistance is one of the outstanding properties of laminate floor. Fang chongrong, a professor level senior engineer of the forest product quality inspection and testing center of the State Forestry Administration, said that the wear resistance value is a necessary indicator to measure the performance of laminate flooring, which has many advantages of intuitive and convenient installation. The national standard "impregnated paper laminated wooden floor" stipulates that the wear resistance index of the laminate used in the home environment is more than 5000 turns at the first level and more than 4000 turns at the second level. Fang chongrong said that for ordinary families, the "Interim Measures for the management of the recycling of new energy vehicle power batteries" said that 4000 revolutions can meet the basic use requirements, and the overall search for high energy efficiency, high quality and high safety. There is a special layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper in the laminate floor, in which the content and distribution of aluminum oxide determine its wear resistance

generally speaking, the more aluminum oxide in the wear-resistant layer and the more evenly distributed, the better the wear-resistant performance of the floor will be, which will be reflected in the wear-resistant revolution. Therefore, consumers only need to check the wear-resistant revolutions in the test report to investigate the wear-resistant performance of laminate flooring

because the wear-resistant layer and decorative layer on the surface of the laminate floor are paper printed with bionic technology, compared with the solid wood or solid wood composite floor, its overall laying effect is not so lifelike, and the visual effect is more rigid

ordinary solid wood: solid flooring

is not wear-resistant and needs careful maintenance

because it is very different from laminate flooring in terms of product raw materials, structure and process, ordinary solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring mostly use paint surface as the surface, and its wear resistance is much inferior to laminate flooring. The national requirements for the wear resistance of solid wood and solid wood composite flooring are also low. The testing standard is different from that of laminate flooring, and it is not measured by the number of revolutions

the main advantages of these two types of flooring are their comfortable foot feel and real wood texture. Fang chongrong said that in order to make the wood texture of solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor more vivid, these two types of floors usually use paint as the surface layer, rather than professional wear-resistant paper. According to the national standard for solid wood flooring, the paint board with surface abrasion resistance ≤ 0.15g/100r is qualified. Fang chongrong pointed out that if you cherish and pay attention to maintenance after paving, as long as it is a qualified product, the wear resistance of these two types of floors can also meet the needs of ordinary families

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