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How should agricultural machinery become "intelligent"

by the end of 2019, China has become the world's largest agricultural machinery production and use country, and the mode of agricultural production has achieved a historical transformation from mainly relying on human and animal resources to mainly relying on mechanical power

especially since this year, the application of intelligent agricultural equipment has played an important role in improving production efficiency, reducing personnel aggregation, effectively preventing and controlling the COVID-19, and also provided broad prospects for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural equipment

at the same time, the development of intelligent agricultural equipment in China is still in the primary stage, and there are still many problems to be solved. Not long ago, at the 2020 Leizhou International Forum held in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, participants held online and offline discussions around the "development trend of intelligent agricultural equipment" with an experimental speed of 0 (3) 0 cycles/minute (settable) and an acquiescence speed of 20 times/minute

basic problems need to be solved.

although it is the world's largest agricultural machinery production and use country, what is the gap between China and the world

Chen Xuegeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China in terms of R & D capacity, manufacturing level, product quality, production efficiency and so on; There are still some problems, such as lack of core technology, unreasonable product structure, low manufacturing technology capacity, integration of Agronomy and agricultural machinery and poor configuration of the whole process mechanization

he pointed out that the lack of reliability and durability of agricultural equipment is the weak link of China's agricultural machinery, and it is also the main factor that China's agricultural equipment does not have a strong voice in the world. "Especially the efficiency improvement of basic key components and reliability technology. In the process of promoting the informatization and intellectualization of agricultural equipment, the first thing is to solve these basic problems."

it has to be said that among the four echelons of the global manufacturing industry, China is still in the third echelon, and this pattern is difficult to fundamentally change in a short time

in recent years, composite, high-performance and intelligent modern agricultural machinery and equipment have become a new highlight in the development of agricultural equipment. This test has proved the bonding strength of its coated molded thermoplastic composite hybrid parts. The industrialization of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles, driverless tractors, intelligent harvesters, intelligent weeders, milking robots, agricultural automation and control systems is in the ascendant

according to the survey, there are three major categories of agricultural machinery and equipment in the world at present - self driving tractors, agricultural robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. "At present, China's farmers must put the insurance device on the machine, and the focus of equipment development is still to improve the intelligence, productivity and stability of agricultural equipment." Zhao Chunjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the estimated values of these three kinds of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment have been given internationally, which also provides a reference for the future development of intelligent agricultural machinery equipment in China

agricultural machinery and equipment urgently need "interaction"

the deep integration and development of modern information technology and agriculture has triggered the third revolution of agriculture - "agricultural digital revolution"

Zhao Chunjiang said that the manifestation of the agricultural digital revolution is smart agriculture. Smart agriculture is the unification of biotechnology, information technology and intelligent equipment. It is the advanced stage of agricultural informatization development

he introduced four types of intelligent agriculture - land intensive cultivation, facility intelligent agriculture, intelligent processing of agricultural products, and intelligent information services. "The biggest difference between intelligent agricultural machinery equipment and traditional agricultural machinery equipment is interactivity."

how to improve the intellectualization of agricultural machinery and equipment? The 2017 conference of the European Machinery Manufacturers Association emphasized the role of IOT, big data and artificial intelligence in improving the intelligence of agricultural machinery and equipment, especially the neural networks, algorithms and learning in artificial intelligence, which play an important role in improving the intelligence of agricultural machinery and equipment

Zhao Chunjiang said that the core of machine intelligence is computing, but algorithms alone are not enough. Data also depends on IOT, including communication and sensors. "In the future, to improve the intellectualization of agricultural machinery and equipment, we should focus on the three aspects of IOT, big data and artificial intelligence."

Wang Maohua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the development of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. We should think coldly about the upsurge of artificial intelligence and avoid using the term artificial intelligence as an adjective and labeling it at will

in his view, promoting industrial application research in artificial intelligence agriculture requires high-quality big data foundation, advanced algorithms that simulate human brain intelligence, strong in-depth learning ability and high-level computing chip platform support

top level design gives priority to "intelligence"

of course, the opportunities brought by artificial intelligence should not be underestimated. Wang Maohua pointed out that "in terms of top-level design, priority should be given to the development of AI application innovation research planning related to intelligent manufacturing of agricultural equipment and agricultural production, operation and management decisions."

according to the classification of Case New Holland industrial group, the intelligent classification of agricultural machinery and equipment has five levels, which are assistant navigation all person control, man-machine coordination and optimization all person control, system assisted automatic control under environmental monitoring, unmanned automatic control under field supervision, and unmanned automatic control under long-range supervision (no field monitoring)

Zhao Chunjiang pointed out that using the new generation of artificial intelligence technology to improve machine intelligence, including big data intelligence, cross media intelligence, swarm intelligence, man-machine hybrid enhanced intelligence, autonomous unmanned systems, etc

he focused on cross media intelligence and human-computer hybrid enhanced intelligence. "In the future, cross media intelligence will be used more in the agricultural field. Especially after the emergence of 5g technology, a variety of new materials stimulated by video data have been sought after by the market. It is very important for how to conduct comprehensive analysis, mining, reasoning and utilization of image and voice data."

a machine depends entirely on science and technology to improve its intelligence to a very high level. The cost is very high, and it cannot be used in agriculture. "In the future, unless it is completed by machines independently under particularly complex conditions, human-computer interaction will take place in many environments. Human and machine intelligent systems will be coupled together to form stronger intelligence and cooperate to complete complex management tasks, so that technology and products can be applied in actual production." Zhao Chunjiang said

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