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Recently, the author learned from Fengyi Packaging Co., Ltd. in Luolong Industrial Park, Nanxi District, Yibin that the construction of phase I plant of the company's new alcohol packaging mold production project has been completed. At present, the road hardening of the plant area is being implemented, and the finishing work of civil engineering is in rapid progress. It will be put into production at the end of January

according to Zhu yinzhang, head of Fengyi packaging, the first phase of the project includes three workshops and one warehouse, which are injection molding workshop, surface treatment workshop and assembly vehicle respectively, but their molecular weight has not changed. The author saw in the workshops of Fengyi packaging factory that the injection molding workshop and assembly workshop of the project have been decorated. The pipes after water and electricity pressure test are inspected at the next station, and the pipes that fail to pass the pressure test and diameter are automatically inspected The gas transmission pipeline has been tested and the production line has been installed in place

Zhu yinzhang told the author that now we are stepping up construction and the equipment will be installed in place by the end of January. The company has long-term cooperation with Maotai, Langjiu, Xifeng and other enterprises. At present, it has received an order of 80million next year. It hopes to move as soon as possible and carry out production and operation as soon as possible

I used to do business in Guangdong and chose Nanxi because of its geographical advantages and good investment environment. Talking about the experience of investment in Nanxi, Zhu yinzhang feels that there are thousands of things. He said that within 300 kilometers of Nanxi, it is the most concentrated and largest liquor production base in China, bringing together a 20 billion Baijiu industry, which is more competitive in cost. In addition, the most attractive point for investment is that Nanxi's leadership and Ministry of innovation and transformation have enabled enterprises to always take the lead in the midfield competition in the experimental process at home and abroad, providing a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises. Only in this way can enterprises become enterprises with peace of mind and develop into production faster

it is reported that Yibin Fengyi packaging factory mainly produces wine bottle caps and wine boxes, with an investment of 130 million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu, 16000 square meters of production workshops, and an estimated annual GDP of 200 million yuan, which can drive 300 jobs

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