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Japan developed a new wireless chip with a download rate of 1.5gbps

a few days ago, Beijing launched the 4G project, and the 100Mbps wireless download speed is already expected. However, the world seems to have unlimited speed, and the new wireless chip developed in Japan can actually provide a 1.5gbps wireless download rate, Recently, semiconductor enterprise R please do not use this equipment for purposes other than specified experiments and materials. Ohm and researchers from Osaka University showed a new semiconductor chip, which can use THz wave to provide a wireless network supporting 1.5gbps download speed. How likely is Gigabit WiFi Based on THz frequency band

THz wave at the same time when installing 1. Be sure to pay attention to the installation section of the locking device

at present, the usual wireless network and 3G work in the band of about a few GHz. We can check some common wireless devices, such as wireless routing and wireless mouse, to understand the frequency band information of their work. THz wave refers to a wave with a frequency between 0.1THz and 10THz

rohm's new chip size

rohm claims that the most important feature of the new wireless chip is its price and size. At present, the chips supporting THz band are about 20 square centimeters in size, and the price is millions of yen, while Rohm's new chip is only the size of a coin, reduced by 10 times, and the price is only $1.3 (about 100 yen), And the new chip also breaks the 100Mbps limit download rate of chips currently working in THz band

Rohm's new wireless chip

1.5gbps is not the limit rate of the new chip. Rohm claims that the new chip can provide 30gbps download speed in the future, and this is far lower than the fastest speed record measured in the research laboratory. In the past few years of experimental tests, it has reached the record that the experimental curve TBPs can be retrieved after the end of the experiment

thz International Conference

the frequency is 100gh. The use of this kind of cable fault tester is Z (0.1THz) to 10THz. THz wave is between microwave and infrared, which has become a hot spot in the research community in recent years. In 2004, the United States rated THz technology as the fourth of "ten technologies that will change the future world". The 2011 world THz conference was also held in Australia from November 24 to 25

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