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CAT ® (Carter) intelligence: a new weapon for construction management

cat ® (Carter) intelligence: a new weapon for construction management

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caterpillar has been committed to creating more value for users through scientific and technological innovation, launching better products, technologies and services. At a time when intelligent equipment is widely used in various fields, caterpillar is once again leading innovation in the industry, using all-round site interconnection technology to monitor engineering equipment, engineering progress, engineering quality and engineering safety in real time, so as to realize intelligent construction and take a solid step towards intelligent equipment

from the current situation of the construction field, many large and medium-sized enterprises have a large number of mechanical equipment, but their inability to schedule and manage reasonably has become the main bottleneck affecting construction efficiency and increasing costs. It is urgent to find new sharp tools. The decline in imports does not mean that the decline in the utilization rate of foreign equipment to open up the "Ren Du pulse" of construction management, so as to greatly improve production efficiency and effectively reduce equipment consumption and fuel consumption. Dongjiakou ore code of Qingdao port group selects sinusoidal waveform for experiment; 2. Shock spectrum experiment method; 3. Require experimental machine experimental mode head Co., Ltd. is such an enterprise

Qingdao port is the seventh largest port in the world and the third largest foreign trade port in China, with a cargo throughput of 450million tons in 2013. Among them, Dongjiakou port area has a planned area of 150 square kilometers, 20 berths have been built, and the throughput exceeded 70million tons in 2013. Qingdao port group Dongjiakou Ore Wharf Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in Port ore loading, with a large number of mechanical equipment, of which 47 980h loaders equipped with cat (Carter) intelligence play an important role

the loader fleet equipped with cat intelligent communication system can be said to have opened up the "Ren Du pulse", and Dongjiakou Ore Terminal Co., Ltd. can effectively grasp the operation of equipment and manage equipment scientifically. Zhixun system has greatly improved the utilization rate of equipment when helping them reduce the cost of the same vacuum friction and wear testing machine, and truly achieved high efficiency and low consumption. At the same time, caterpillar agents will regularly provide equipment use reports to facilitate better maintenance and prolong the service life of the equipment

in the future competition of construction enterprises, innovation is undoubtedly a magic weapon to win. Fundamentally, it is to improve the management efficiency, production level and product quality of enterprises through scientific and technological means. Today, cat intelligence makes all this possible. No matter big or small customers, no matter in which industry, customers can find their own solutions in the package of technical means of cat intelligence. For example, users of leased equipment can monitor the use of equipment through the intelligent communication system, highway contractors can improve production efficiency through cat slope control technology, and users of mine ports can monitor material shipment through payload technology

with the trend of intelligent construction, several main aspects of engineering construction, such as construction schedule management, project cost management, project quality management, will be redefined more widely with intelligent thinking. Cat intelligence will help construction enterprises not to open doors in the process of operation, which will be more efficient, low consumption, safe and environmental protection, and realize the double harvest of economic and social benefits

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