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Opening a new window of artificial intelligence, humanoid robot cognitive system was launched

at the robot business conference held in Boston a few days ago, Dr. Pete foam granulator rnordin, one of the founders of irobis, introduced their latest research results - a complete set of fully automatic robot cognitive system to the conference. This system aims to provide researchers and robot product development agencies with the core of the robot. If there is no curve coordinate, double-click the result display bar; Check the force, displacement Deformation (that is, the extended mind counting module - artificial intelligence. It is expected that the first commercial version of the software will be released sometime at the end of this year, when robot researchers and relevant commercial institutions will develop very smart robots through this software.

people familiar with this field may not be too surprised, because the research team led by Dr. Nordin is working on geneticprogramming Our achievements are world leading. As early as 90 years after the adoption of intelligent feedback computing in the 19th century, Dr. Nordin carried out a research project on humanoid robots in Switzerland and achieved very remarkable results

in Dr. Nordin's laboratory, robots have begun to learn to crawl like babies, and slowly began to learn to balance, walk, and even climb stairs. Moreover, robots also began to study the objects placed in front of them, and even summed up the properties of objects, and began to play with them, just like children. A four legged robot can slowly learn how to use three feet to maintain balance and walk effectively when it accidentally damages one foot. In the laboratory, there are many similar projects

however, there are still several prerequisites for the application of evolutionary algorithms. First, you must know what robots do. Second, they can theoretically achieve what you want them to do. Third, you must also tell them whether they are doing well

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