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As the new year comes on schedule, how can the traditional door and window industry pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages

farewell the old and welcome the new, we are full of hope to usher in the year of sheep, which also means that new challenges also come as scheduled. Facing the new year, as a traditional door and window industry, we can't stay out of it, so how should enterprises meet the challenges and win in the competition

the challenge of the door and window market comes as scheduled, and enterprises need to increase the improvement of their own strength

1. One of the challenges is Internet informatization

nowadays, the accelerated development of Internet informatization has already penetrated into all walks of life, and the traditional door and window industry has become unconventional, especially in the year of the sheep, if you press the up and down buttons and there is no response, please cut off the power supply for 5 minutes. Affected by this environment, the industry competition will be more intense, How to use the Internet to promote the development of enterprises has become an unavoidable topic in the industry

under the challenge of Internet informatization, many door and window enterprises are exploring and trying. Some enterprises "try their skills for the first time", while some enterprises are at the forefront of the industry with their foresight to achieve half the result with half the effort. Some door and window enterprises use the mobile internet terminal technology to combine with traditional doors and windows, accelerating the pace of development in the field of intelligent doors and windows, and obtaining better market competitiveness. Many enterprises are competing to imitate it. In addition, many door and window industries have begun to enter the Internet platform wantonly. They not only expand the enterprise information, brand image and product content through the network, but also reside in mobile adjustment screw platforms such as Internet, and closely connect enterprises with users through social media, so that consumers can easily, conveniently and timely understand the new trends of enterprises and new product information

2. Challenge 2 the strictest environmental protection law

on January 1, 2015, the new environmental protection law, known as the strictest in history, was finally finalized and officially implemented. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the state has also successively issued supporting documents such as the Interim Measures for continuous punishment on a daily basis for environmental protection (Order No. 28 of the Ministry of environmental protection), the Interim Measures for limiting production and stopping production for remediation of environmental protection (Order No. 30 of the Ministry of environmental protection), so that the punishment stipulated by the law is no longer a dead letter, and the detection of deviation from the specified value has been put on the agenda, It also enables enterprises to have a stronger awareness and heart of environmental protection, and speed up the environmental transformation of door and window enterprises

3. Challenge 3. Job hopping of dealers

at the beginning of the new year, many door and window enterprises are also about to face the challenge of job hopping of dealers

"the sales situation last year was not very ideal, so we are considering changing the brand and hope to find a better brand this year." Mr. Ling is saying. It is understood that there are not a few dealers with Mr. Ling's idea, so door and window enterprises should take corresponding measures to face the challenge of "changing jobs" of dealers. Experts say that they can learn from the door and window enterprises that can be favored by dealers how to face this challenge

facing the challenge of job hopping of dealers, insiders said that dealers take the initiative to leave the enterprise, which means that the enterprise cannot bring benefits to dealers. In order to enable dealers to gain profits, door and window enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation of dealers and have launched many supportive policies. The expert said: "enterprises should follow the dealers to make money. If dealers can make money, they naturally don't want to change brands. If dealers don't change brands, enterprises can slowly earn back the invested funds and earn higher profits."

in this regard, industry experts said that under the bad overall environment of the industry, door and window enterprises, in addition to preparing for market strategies, also need to meet various challenges economically. Only through continuous efforts, can enterprises achieve greater achievements in the face of market competition and market pressure

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