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18000 ㎡, 44 meters deep, which is the largest scale and depth of Shanghai rail transit construction.

18000 ㎡, 44 meters deep, which is the largest scale and depth of Shanghai rail transit construction.

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in Shanghai, it takes about 90 minutes to take subway line 2 from Pudong airport to Hongqiao Airport. After the airport connecting line of Shanghai rail transit city line is completed, it will only take 40 minutes for the two airports to reach each other. As one of the first batch of national 11 Municipal Railway demonstration lines identified by the national development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai airport connecting line is 68.6 kilometers long, about 88% of which are underground lines

Wang Yinghao, chairman of the trade union of the Construction Party Shanghai shentie Construction Management Co., Ltd., said: "4. The mold temperature is selected within the range of 20 (90) degrees according to the wall thickness of plastic parts. This kind of underground railway is the first in the country. It is the first railway project that is compatible with the national railway design specifications and urban rail transit design standards, and it is also the first railway project that the municipal train shares the platform with the national railway train."

the largest construction volume of Shanghai airport connecting line is Huajing station. It is understood that the excavation area of the foundation pit of this station is about 18000 square meters, with a total of 4 underground floors, and the maximum excavation depth is 44m, equivalent to 12 underground floors. It is the largest construction scale and depth among the rail transit stations built and under construction in Shanghai so far

Huajing station is hidden so deep, which also brings great difficulties to the construction. It is close to the riverbed, and the maximum excavation depth is 107.5m. Scc3200a-1 crawler crane is required to lower the diaphragm wall into the ground in a very short time, otherwise the soil layer will collapse due to the long construction time. Therefore, the construction party has extremely high requirements for lifting equipment

Yan Shifu, the driver of the main hoisting equipment scc3200a-1, said, "the biggest challenge this year is to catch up with the lost time of the epidemic, so when the test piece is under pressure, there must be no problems. Sany's equipment is still very reliable. In addition, the wireless handle operation is very convenient and intelligent, which greatly improves the efficiency of construction. In the process of vehicle operation, the compound action also cooperates well, and the process is very stable."

in addition to the "behemoth" such as scc3200a-1, there are many Sany cranes on the construction site to assist in the construction. He Fei of haihuili Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. said, "the reason why so many Sany products are used this time is first of all because it is easy, because I don't need to worry too much about whether it is early mobilization, midway construction, or later maintenance. Secondly, Sany's after-sales service is very attentive, focusing on creating value with service, which is consistent with our working philosophy."

according to the plan, the Shanghai airport connecting line will be completed in 2024. After completion, it will effectively alleviate the passenger flow pressure of some lines, enrich the level of sea rail transit pointed out by analysts, and further enhance the radiation effect of Pudong and Hongqiao integrated transportation hubs on the Yangtze River Delta region and even the world, which can effectively improve Shanghai's global urban energy level and core competitiveness

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