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First of the summer, meet the ancient capital, talk about the future development of VOCs

first of the summer, meet the ancient capital, talk about the future development of VOCs - registration countdown! (the agenda of the industry grand ceremony conference was officially released), coatings,

the first place of summer, meet with the ancient capital, and talk about the future development of VOCs - the countdown to registration! (the agenda of the industry grand ceremony conference was officially released)

May 6, 2019

the 2019 China International VOCs monitoring and governance Industry Innovation Summit will be held in Nanjing from May 16 to 17. The theme of the conference is "winning the blue sky defense war, the way for the future development of VOCs", focusing on national policies/status quo, new technologies for VOCs governance, new technologies for VOC monitoring and other hot topics; Will gather 300+ manufacturers of environmental protection treatment equipment, instruments and technology; (petrochemical, packaging and printing, automobile, coating, etc.) industry users; Academies and universities of science; Environmental protection agencies and others participated in the exchange

let's take you to better understand this grand event

I. which key players participate in the display and sharing of manufacturers

spotlight technology, Comat Tyco, Qingdao huashijie, Guangdong Hexin, duer, ESA, ion science, Shanghai LiCo, alphasense alpha, infuser, Hebei Morans, Shanghai degam, Xi'an Yuchang, Dingyan profit space increased technology, Hangzhou Boyu technology, Beijing Chengyi technology, Shanghai anjule, Anhui Wanyi, Longjing Kejie, Germany and Pu, Jiangsu churui environmental protection, Jiangsu Xihe environmental protection, Taizhou chuangdao scientific instrument, Xinfeng fan, Youwei domestic personnel engaged in mechanical research are almost all photoelectric enterprises transferred from related majors such as materials, mechanical design, physics, etc. as the sponsors of the conference, 24 enterprises, such as optoelectronics, mainly participated in the coating. There are more industry masters to share on site

II. What are the highlights of this meeting

first, positioning high-end. Leaders of competent departments in many places, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, well-known experts, pollution discharge enterprises in key industries, monitoring/treatment technology and equipment providers, engineering operation enterprises, investment and financing institutions attended the meeting together

second, super large scale. The number of applicants for this conference has exceeded 300, bringing together high-level enterprises in the whole industry chain

third, focus on boutique display. This conference has a special exhibition area for high-quality products, monitoring and management equipment manufacturers to display personalized technologies, products and cases. You can have in-depth understanding and negotiation on site

fourth, content dry goods. In order to ensure the quality of this meeting, the conference affairs group strictly controlled the guests and sharing content at this summit forum, aiming to provide guests with full dry goods

III. which celebrities discuss what topics

IV. how to sign up for the meeting

[registration for monitoring and management of the whole production line]

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