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Planning large-scale lithium battery energy storage technology can you run the energy storage marathon without "hitting the wall"

by 2030, the cycle life of lithium battery energy storage system will span from 5000 to 10000 times, realizing a substantial reduction in cost and large-scale application; Without any subsidy policies, enterprises can develop rapidly and support the development of the energy revolution

people who have run marathons know the saying of "hitting the wall" - exhausted, physically exhausted, even mentally exhausted, belonging to the arrival of physiological limits, and have a strong feeling of giving up. "Hitting the wall" usually occurs at about 30 kilometers, which varies from person to person, but it is a huge test for every contestant

and this is the same dilemma that the energy storage industry is now facing. The transition from the project demonstration period to commercialization is quite painful in this place. So, how can enterprises overcome the difficulty of "hitting the wall"

at the sub forum of "2017 annual meeting of China Energy Research Association" on energy storage to promote energy innovation and development, experts and scholars gathered together to cheer for the marathon of commercialization of energy storage industry

policy guidance lithium battery echelon utilization attracts attention

it is understood that at present, the problems of energy storage are very similar to the initial development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, with three characteristics: small scale, high cost and slow development speed

in this regard, Qi Zhixin, director of the science and Technology Equipment Department of the national energy administration, said that in order to build a policy environment conducive to the development of energy storage, first of all, we will break the policy barriers of energy storage access, mainly based on the spirit and progress of power system reform and guided by marketization, research and form a market mechanism that reflects the value of energy storage, including price mechanism

At the meeting, Qi Zhixin said that China's first comprehensive policy document for energy storage - "guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry" has basically completed the signing and approval process and is expected to be officially issued in the near future

according to Qi Zhixin, the spirit of innovation will run through all parts of the guiding opinions and is the soul of this document; At the same time, we should adhere to the market leadership, the government should take the lead, and the enterprises should play a role, and the technical route should be completely decided by the enterprises themselves; Adhere to systematic thinking, look at energy storage from the perspective of energy system and the whole industrial chain, and seek opportunities for energy storage development. For example, although the field of lithium battery energy storage is just emerging, taking into account the value of the whole life cycle of the battery, the document puts forward clear requirements on the echelon utilization of lithium batteries. This is particularly important in the controversy that "Echelon utilization is a false proposition" in the industry

"we can't expect the system reform to be achieved overnight. The system is in the process of continuous improvement. Energy storage also shows strong vitality. I believe the policy environment is getting better and better." Qi Zhixin said

Lai Xiaokang, the former director of the Institute of electrical engineering and new materials of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, put forward his own suggestions from the perspective of specific policy formulation. He believed that the introduction of some detailed rules requires enterprises to provide reliable and quantitative data and corresponding analysis obtained in the demonstration project to the decision-making bodies as the basis for decision-makers to formulate policies

the cost reduction of endogenous power is not limited to battery enterprises

for those who have worked in the energy storage industry for a long time, it is undoubtedly very exciting to hear the news of the policy release. Wangshicheng, chairman of suoying electric, believes that the government really needs to consider the price differences of brands at the same level before giving some guidance at the policy level, and give a little "glucose" at the entrepreneurial stage

liuxiaolu, vice president of Shuangdeng group, put forward her own ideas and appeals from the perspective of battery enterprises. He believes that there are two challenges in the current industrial development: first, the gross profit margin of many demonstration projects may be less than zero, which is low to this extent, and battery enterprises often have to bite the bullet. However, the cost reduction of the whole energy storage system is not just a matter for battery enterprises. It is hoped that BMS, TCS, including EMS and container systems, and other participants can take the initiative to reduce costs; Second, it is unrealistic for energy storage to achieve the ideal return of investors by relying on one function output alone. We need to dig out a variety of values, and the peak valley difference is a point

"at the beginning, I talked about 'hitting the wall', in fact, this' wall 'is the electricity price mechanism. Indeed, during the start-up period, UL the wercs can provide globally compliant GHS automation tools and the world's leading sds/msds automation tools and professional services. We need energy storage system technology to make us run. When the energy storage industry reaches the goal of marketization and commercialization, this wall must be broken through." Yuzhenhua, vice chairman of the energy storage Professional Committee of the China Energy Research Association, concluded that. Therefore, the key to overcome the problem of "hitting the wall" is the endogenous power of the enterprise. In the early stage of commercial application demonstration, enterprises really grasp and innovate the industrial value and do a good job in large-scale application demonstration projects

prospects for innovation driven lithium battery energy storage technology

in the view of Chen Haisheng, chairman of the energy storage Professional Committee of the China Energy Research Association, with the introduction of the guiding opinions, the spring of energy storage has indeed come

in order to welcome this "spring", the accumulation and progress of energy storage technology has also become a hot topic. Among all energy storage technologies, electrochemical energy storage, especially lithium battery energy storage technology, is developing relatively fast. Long life, low cost, high conversion efficiency and good safety are necessary conditions. No matter which energy storage system has these conditions, it can be popularized enough

according to the overall plan of the national energy administration, Chen Haisheng made a prospect for domestic energy storage technology. He believes that by 2030, the overall development of energy storage technology will be achieved by leaps and bounds, with the scale upgraded from most of the current kilowatt level to the megawatt level, and the leap from 10MW to 100MW will be achieved; The cycle life of lithium battery energy storage system has leaped from 5000 to 10000 times, realizing a substantial reduction in cost and large-scale application; Without any subsidy policies, enterprises can develop rapidly and support the development of the energy revolution

some people say that without "hitting the wall", the marathon is, and the location of the crack on the specimen may occur at the time of strong force, and most of them are incomplete at the time of fracture force. However, the player who has survived the "hitting the wall" is already a marathon fighter psychologically. The same is true in the marathon of energy storage. The National Energy Administration issued the subsequent guidance on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry (Draft for comments) in March 2017, and clarified the strategic positioning of energy storage in China's energy industry for the first time. With the improvement of policy environment, technological innovation and the enrichment of enterprise application end demonstration, the future of energy storage industry is expected

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