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Local capacity reduction will not be relaxed, and the pressure industry will expand to non-ferrous cement refining

local capacity reduction will not be relaxed. Shanghai Securities News combed this year's "local government work reports and found that many places have made clear the goal of coal and steel de capacity this year, and the reduction is not small, and many places have also included coal and electricity, nonferrous metals, cement, refining and chemical industries into the key promotion goal of de capacity

energy saving efforts to promote traditional industries - a breakthrough to the middle and high-end

this year, local governments are determined to reduce production capacity, and many places have made clear the goal of reducing production capacity in steel, coal and other industries

Hebei proposed to reduce the steel production capacity by more than 10million tons, 10.62 million tons of coal, 1million tons of cement, 5million tons of coke, 5million weight boxes of flat glass and 500000 kW of thermal power during the year, and all steel "zombie enterprises" were cleared. Shanxi also demanded that it withdraw from the excess capacity of 23million tons of coal and 1.9 million tons of steel, and eliminate more than 1million kilowatts of coal-fired power units

compared with the 2017 target, the reduction of production capacity in the two places has not decreased. On the contrary, Shanxi's goal last year was to shut down and exit coal ⑦. Before pressing the reset button, the experimental data of the safety belt tension testing machine can print the production capacity of about 20million tons again, and exit the steel production capacity of 1.7 million tons. This year, the capacity removal task has increased slightly

while continuing to increase the efforts to reduce production capacity in steel, coal and other industries, the two major energy provinces mentioned above have proposed to promote the breakthrough of traditional industries to the middle and high end

the work report of Shanxi provincial government elaborates on this. This year, Shanxi will take the integrated development of coal electricity aluminum (magnesium) - materials, coal coke chemical (steel) and other industries as the direction to create traditional advantageous industrial clusters. Promote the steel, nonferrous metals, coke, food, light industry, textile and other industries to make breakthroughs in the medium and high end. Take the application of passenger cars and all aluminum vehicles as a breakthrough to realize the extension of aluminum magnesium material chain to the high end. Increase the government guidance fund of Taihang industrial investment fund by 2.5 billion yuan, and arrange a special fund of 2billion yuan for the province to deepen the cooperation level technological transformation of various regions in the new material industry chain

the government work report of Hebei Province this year also proposed to formulate and implement a three-year action plan to reduce production capacity, forcing the industry to develop into high-end, high-quality and emerging industries

nonferrous metals, cement, refining and chemical industries - accelerate the capacity reduction

since the beginning of the year, the SASAC has repeatedly stated that this year, it will also increase the capacity reduction efforts for coal power, shipbuilding, nonferrous metals, refining and chemical industries

the local government is also ready to take action. According to the work report of the Sichuan provincial government, this year, measures will be formulated to promote the withdrawal and standardized development of excess capacity in the fields of flat glass, cement, brick and tile wall materials, and a number of low-level production lines will be eliminated

Xinjiang said that by comprehensively using market-oriented and legal means, it will continue to promote the iron and steel, coal, coal power, cement and other industries to resolve excess and backward production capacity, consolidate existing achievements, and resolutely prevent the resurgence

Guizhou Province recently issued the implementation plan for promoting the structural adjustment, transformation and benefit increase of non-ferrous metal industry in Guizhou Province, which clearly stated that the new production capacity of electrolytic aluminum industry should be strictly controlled

many provinces have proposed to encourage mergers and acquisitions of enterprises and take the initiative to withdraw the materials added with the flame retardant, which can release hydrogen halide during the combustion process and produce inefficient production capacity. For example, the work report of Jilin provincial government proposed to support the transformation and development of Jilin coal group, Tonggang group and other enterprises, and complete the annual task of reducing coal production capacity. Accelerate the establishment of provincial cement groups and resolve the excess capacity of cement

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