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"Plain face" is also fake? The true face of deep red cement wall

"plain face" is also fake? The true face of deep red cement wall

August 23, 2019

every luxurious or Puyi strictly controls the molding temperature not to exceed 475 degrees. Real homes

all start from the bare cement wall

some people spend a lot of money

put all kinds of makeup on the cement wall


found the plain beauty of the cement wall

the low color cement texture wall is highly sought after


especially in industrial wind Today, the retro style is prevalent

but this cement wall is not the same cement wall

the cement wall of the blank room is prone to pitting, porosity Color difference and other problems

do not have any decorative value

while the current popular cement wall

although it is still plain and facing the sky

it is a little more flat and smooth

they are completely different from the cement wall of the rough house

what material is the red cement wall made of

1 fair faced concrete

fair faced concrete, also known as fair faced cement, is also known as decorative concrete because of its great decorative effect. The surface of fair faced concrete is flat and smooth, with uniform color, clear edges and corners, without damage and pollution, which is a kind of plain appearance technique of concrete

▲ application of fair faced concrete - RW concrete Church in South Korea

fair faced concrete has high requirements on construction technology, which is very different from the construction of ordinary concrete. It is used for building facades or public decoration with more coatings. Such as Sydney railway operation center, South Korea RW concrete church and other well-known art public buildings have adopted this material

▲ application of fair faced concrete - Sydney railway operation center

2 cast-in-place fair faced concrete hanging plate

cast-in-place fair faced concrete hanging plate has a unique texture and on-site pouring texture, which can shape the beauty of space. Using the fluidity of fair faced concrete and its easy forming characteristics, through the texture design of the hanging plate, the corresponding mold is made, and then the hanging plate with the same texture is poured

▲ effect of fair faced concrete hanging slab

this process technology is unique to the cast-in-place hanging slab, but this process technology has a long cycle. In order to ensure the strength of the hanging slab, reinforcement is generally added inside as a support

3 imitation fair faced concrete wall paint

imitation fair faced concrete wall paint can highly imitate the texture of cement, which is the characteristic of garberry art cement. Artistic cement paint has a very detailed texture, which looks very meaningful from the surface, and the deep feeling also arises spontaneously. The ground decoration effect of color fusion, with a smooth feel, can create a nostalgic and romantic artistic atmosphere

▲ the details of garberry art cement are rich in texture and texture.

art cement is widely used in art exhibition centers, modern office places, commercial and leisure places, studios, home decoration, restaurants, clothing stores and other interior and exterior wall decoration. Because of its waterproof, scrubbing resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, dryness resistance and mildew resistance, it is widely popular, and the scope of use is expanding

Carpoly art cement makes the residence present the original life aesthetics. The characteristics of high cost performance make most families choose this form to make cement walls. In addition, artistic cement has strong plasticity and is easy to match, and various styles can easily hold

artistic cement + neutral color


clean and strong

the refreshing and neat black and white gray, combined with the strong cement wall, unified and harmonious clean color matching, without excessive whitewash and affectation. In the choice of soft decoration, furniture with a sense of line and design is preferred. It is a model of simple modeling but simple style of modern art. With a little cooperation, the whole space can be symbiotic and integrated, giving people a simple, soft and unobtrusive visual experience

artistic cement + bright color

according to the report in aluminum times, feb2015, p.12; october/november2015p.8: the micromillr of Aluminum Corporation of America can produce the second generation of automotive aluminum strip/

interesting and non fancy

▲ neon lighting: neon lights are masters of adjusting the atmosphere of home. Choosing neon lights with bright and eye-catching colors, whether hung on the wall or placed on the table as decorations, will surprise the cold concrete wall with a full sense of playfulness

▲ bright color wall: a sudden splash of color in the gray tone. 8. The screen shows the color of the impact test according to the drop hammer, which instantly brightens people's eyes. The industrial and fashionable space atmosphere created by the small area of bright color walls attracts all eyes

▲ bright color furniture decorative painting: when the cement wall begins to integrate more soft materials and colors, it will become more and more warm. For example, with bright furniture and murals, the whole space looks very vibrant and the colors are beginning to be rich. The original cold concrete house can be so livable, and the simple space is given a humanistic expression

artistic cement + log color


elegant and soft

▲ deep log color: deep log color, with an essential aesthetic feeling, plain, natural and calm, seemingly simple, and the essence is more life-threatening than resplendence. The overall space gives the space a comfortable and warm style through the warmth of log color and the ice of cement wall on May 7. Soft, hard, warm and indifferent, people feel the emotional expression of space architecture from the senses and spirit

▲ light log color: the low-key cement wall, the warm light log color, coupled with three or two green plants and potted plants to decorate, the casual, casual and natural atmosphere is rippling in this home

this cement wall is not the other cement wall

for architecture and decoration,

the existence of any material has its own texture

art cement through the combination of materials and its own characteristics

let the simple and authentic characteristics of the cement wall be expressed through the texture

also let the design return to the truth

in the process of realizing the artistic upgrading of living space

we will find materials that can meet the needs of quality of life

It is often convenient and appropriate

the cement wall is "fake"

but "beauty" is serious

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