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"Teng plan" appeared, signing and implementing strategic cooperation became one of the highlights of the third Beijing Fair

during this period, 014 at the third China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair with short product industry chain, China Library released the latest promotion results of "Teng plan" and signed strategic cooperation for the implementation of "Teng plan" with representatives of 15 excellent industrial bases across the country. Recently, at the third China (Beijing) International Trade in services Fair in 2014, China Library released the latest achievements of the Teng plan. At the same time, it also held three basic configurations of intelligent e-commerce Valley signing activities: mainframe, computer, and printer. The total signing amount is about 600million yuan, which has become one of the highlights of this Beijing Fair. At the exhibition, China library also released the new ideas for promoting Teng plan in 2014. Representatives of 15 excellent industrial bases across the country signed strategic cooperation with China Library for the implementation of Teng plan. In addition, a licensing ceremony was held for the demonstration bases and enterprises of the three projects of Teng plan

last year, China Library and China e-commerce integrated innovation industry service alliance proposed and implemented a specialized and special e-commerce Teng plan for small and medium-sized enterprises with the main purpose of promoting the application of e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises. Since its implementation, it has effectively promoted the popularization and application of e-commerce in the majority of physical small and medium-sized enterprises, and cultivated a strong new force of physical e-commerce in the field of e-commerce. In addition

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